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Thursday, 9 July 2015

How to optimize,improve and enhance the performance and speed of android lollipop

Android lollipop 5.0

Android lollipop 5.0 comes up with lots of changes,User can see major changes in the material design of android lollipop. Now Google has also the new version of android i.e.
Android M.but Only few ,You can say very few device get the support of android lollipop.

List of android device get the android lollipop 5.0 are(Based on manufacturer)given below:

1.Nexus 4.
2.Nexus 5
3.Nexus 6
4.Nexus 7
5.Nexus 7 (2013)
6.Nexus 9
7.Nexus 10


1.Moto E
2.Moto E - 2015
3.Moto G
4.Moto G- 2014
5.Moto X
6.Moto X- 2014
7.Moto DROID Turbo


1.One M7
2.One M8
3.One Mini
4.One Mini 2
5.One MP


1.Galaxy Note 4.
2.Galaxy Note Edge
3.Galaxy S5
4.Galaxy S5 Mini
5.Galaxy Alpha
6.Galaxy S4
7.Galaxy S4 mini
8.Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
9.Galaxy Note 3
10.Galaxy Note 2
11.Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
12.Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1
13.Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2
14.Galaxy Tab S 8.4
15.Galaxy Tab S 10.5


3.G Flex


1.Xperia Z Ultra
2.Xperia Z3
3.Xperia Z ultra
4.Xperia Z1
5.Xperia Z2
6.Xperia Z2 tablet


1.Oppo Find 7

One Plus

1.One Plus One


1.Zenfone 4
2.Zenfone 5
3.Zenfone 6

 Out of which,only selected device get bug free android lollipop.As per the few survey report,only 5%(approx) of android device get the android lollipop.

 How to optimize,improve and enhance the performance and speed of android lollipop?
  1. Download "Clean master" android application from Play Store
  2. Clean all the "junk files" of smartphone
  3. Now,go to "Phone boost" section and hit "BOOST" button
  4. Now go to Autostart manager > Pre-installed apps
  5. Then "Turn off" the all application running in background
  6. Now go to Setting > Privacy > Privacy Guard
  7. Click on option menu (i.e. three dots) button as shown top right below in image:

Android Privacy Gaurd


  1. Now click on "Show built-in-apps"
  2. Now Turn off the options "Keep awake" and "Auto start" of all the android application.
  3. Now manage the permission of each individual application as per your requirement.
  4. Done
1 .Disable the Location access of all the installed and built in application
2 .Manage the permission of android application may require the root access

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