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Saturday, 26 December 2015

7 Tricks You Can Try On Your Rooted Android Phone These Xposed Framework!

The benefit of rooting

1. Hardware buttons' remapping:

This module allows you to remap your Android device's hardware buttons. You can customise your device as you wish as Xposed Additions provide you with a lot of such options.

2. Managing app permits:

If you install this module then the App Ops option appears in Android settings interface. This interface also allows you to manage application permissions which is just similar to Apple's iOS. It restores access to a configuration pane to which Google has removed its access.

3. Multi-tasking:

Android is not able to run two apps side-by-side but there are some third-party custom ROMs which can perform this task. You can use the xMulti Window module to run two apps side-by-side and can also do multi-tasking on any device. It's not a very perfect options but yes it's a full-proof concept. Using this module you can watch YouTube videos and also browse the web at the same time.

4. Options can be added to power menu:

Often options are added by custom ROMs to the power menu which appears when you long-press your device's power button. There are some other modules like Advanced Power Menu which can do the same things like rebooting, taking screenshots and also adding Flashlight options on the power menu for quick access. You can also configure the options on custom ROMs.

5. Unsafe volume warning to be disabled:

A warning is displayed by Android saying “Raise volume above safe level?” whenever you raise the volume above a specific point. This is aimed at maintaining health issues but it's a silly warning though. Different types of headphones require different device volume levels to output the same loudness of sound. This is also not an one-time message however. The NoSafeVolumeWarning module disables the volume warning permanently.

6. OK Google for Third-Party launchers:

The Google Now Launcher enables you to say OK Google on your home screen and you can open the Google Now dialog and use voice actions. In third-party launchers this cannot be done normally but the module, OK Google for 3rd party launchers / apps (4.4+), allows you to use OK Google in any other launcher as per your wish.

7. More and more options:

There are a pack of modules like GravityBox and Xblast which add a huge amount of additional options to your Android device. GravityBox provides all-in-one tweaking application with the huge number of features which you can find in a custom ROM. It allows you to change many options in one place without hunting down individual modules or rebooting..

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