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Friday, 10 November 2017

WiFi Hacker - WiFi Password Hacking Software

WiFi Hacker Tool
Hello guys in this post i wanna show you how to hack WiFi in PC 100% working. This software can be used to hack WPA/WPA2 WiFi Network. But You must have install Microsoft .net framework in your computer, if not download it. This is for educational purpose only and please don't bring any legal trouble upon yourself. Practice on your own network.

To hack WiFi we need 3 tools i.e jumpstart, wincap & dumpper. It’ll let you join to WiFi without a password. You can download WiFi hacking software from a single link. Doesn't always work on all routers, Might make your system crash, once in a while, due to memory leak or overflow.

Procedure To Hack WiFi

  1. Extract Downloaded Rar file in one Folder.
  2. In this folder you will find all 3 required software.
  3. First Install Jumpstart & Please note don't open Jumpstart.
  4. Now click on wincap and install it.
  5. At last Click on dumpper and open it.
Now a screen appears like this and click on wps.
WiFi Hacker

Now Click On Scan, it will list available WiFi network nearby and you may notice some WiFi with locked pin status, which can not be hacked.
Hack WiFi

 Now Select on anyone WiFi Network and Click on jumpstart.
WiFi Password Hacker
Wait it will automatically hack WiFi and you will notice you are connected to WiFi without knowing password. Remember WiFi Single strength should be Good/Average. If the above step fails click on BruteForce.
Note: Don't Stop the Process. It Takes Several Minutes . Probably 4~5 Hours.(Works Only in Laptops).


Click Here To Download 

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